Personality Point of View


Through the Eyes of Others…

People from all walks are faced with similar personal challenges and triumphs. The influence of perspective, culture and community will shape and form perception resulting in a unique outcome for each individual.This uniqueness prompted the idea to begin this blog “Personality Point of View”. The point: to ask the same question to numerous people in an effort to recognize, honor and tell their diverse storied responses.

If asked with true interest, many people are willing to tell their stories on topics that are often very personal – and at times topics that, being they can be difficult to discuss, have been known to become completely misunderstood and wrongly assumed by others who do not have the same experience.

Listening to others is a life changing experience.

These stories are here for your enjoyment. Each category (question) will become a collection of stories. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, always individual, these stories are told with honesty born out of experience blended with each personality. A personality point of view.

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